"An aromatic and intense flavour of robustly rich warm pipe tobacco with just a hint of natural subtle sweetness. Kardinal Jade is the true pure tobacco for a complete sensory experience".

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our Primera line; Kardinal Jade. Kardinal Primera has been a successful alternative to nicotine salts and the demand for Primera currently is off the roof. 

Kardinal Jade is yet another refined tobacco flavour with a directed focus to pipe tobacco with its robust and aromatic flavours. We think that Jade is the perfect flavour profile for all the seasoned vapers and tobacco enthusiasts but also works very well for anyone who wants to tryout tobacco flavours. 

We can't wait for all of you to try once it is available in the retail market very soon. Meanwhile, do check us on our social media platforms; Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win and be the very first few to receive Kardinal Jade.