We hear you. We understand that nicotine salts may not be the first choice for everyone and we also understand with the emergence of lower wattage devices currently in the market like open system pods are getting popular especially with new users probably because they are easier to use without having a learning curve for the rebuildable RTAs and RDAs. 

Enter Kardinal Primera. 

Kardinal Primera is the alternative choice and solution for our Kardinal Salts and it is our latest range of e-liquid specially formulated and crafted for Mouth to Lung (MTL) RDA and RTA, open system pods, and other similar low wattage devices. 

Primera is a high PG blend ratio with a stronger "throat hit", flavour intensity and lower vapour density which stimulates an experience similar to smoking.

The Primera series currently comes in 18mg and 22mg freebase nicotine of most of your favourite flavour profiles from the Kardinal line with a new addition of Kardinal Zarparan; which is a rich and exotic blend of tobacco and saffron. 

Kardinal Primera is currently being distributed to all vape shops in Malaysia and will be available on our web store soon.